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Our Heritage at Risk – National Top Ten

The Australian Council of National Trusts 2009 List of Australian Top Ten Heritage Places at Risk.  This list highlights a number of major issues threatening Australia's built, cultural and natural heritage.

Includes Ku-ring-gai town centres and the Jim McDougall house

Imminent risk of destruction

Ku-ring-gai is a model for garden suburbs design which has created a unique heritage character.  A number of individual heritage listed places and streetscapes have already been demolished.  The McDougall house and its grounds contain critically endangered Blue Gum High Forest face demolition for a six storey residential development.


Loss of settings and entire garden streetscapes.  Loss of trees and bushland, demolition of many individual outstanding heritage homes and replacement by six storey apartment blocks, and loss of community under insensitive development and unsympathetic rezonings.

Desired outcome/Vision

Town Centres should be listed as statutory conservation areas, individual heritage items, including McDougall House, and their settings should be protected and new development designed sensitively to complement the character and identity of the conservation areas.


Strongly suffering.  Ku-ring-gai's heritage is being smashed and shattered.

Source: The National Trust’s quarterly publication “trust news”, November 2009